Two Gallants

The Prodigal Son

Note from Tim: This was our answer to the music video world, a documentary-style film that integrates the holy traditions of Portuguese bullfighting as found hidden like a treasure in the greater suburbs of Western America. All scenes were shot on location in Artesia, California during the annual "Festa do Divino Espirito Santo" in the summer of 2006. The video features David Costa, a real life "mestre" of the Filarmónica do Artesia D.E.S. The bullfight is a bloodless bullfight that uses velcro spears instead of sharp nails. The bulls are not hurt or killed.


Producers - Victory Palmisano, Ali Zubik

Director - Tim Cahill

Co-Director - Andy Bruntel

Editors - Tim Cahill, Ed Cardenas

TRT 00:03:12:09